A holyday which went wrong

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A holyday which went wrong

Сергей Голубев

]Couple of weeks ago I decided that I really need a vacation. So I thought that a nice beach and hot sun is exactly what I need. My traveling agent told me that he knows a very good beach resort in Mexico, which isn’t expensive too. I called to couple of my friends and they agreed to come with me because this trip sounded like a good deal.

Well at first everything was fine, until we arrived to the airport and started to search for the charter plane, which had to be there. And it was, only that I wasn’t sure that it was a plane it looked more like a rusty death trap. But we were brave enough to get on it. By the way pilot was exact match for the plane, he looked more like a Mexican farmer than the pilot and I am quite sure that he was blind from a right eye. The flight to Mexico itself reminded an endless nightmare, there were so many air holes and turbulences that we thought that we will crash any minute.

And guess what – we did. Our pilot forgot to switch on flight gears and he landed our plane on the hull. By some grate miracle no one did get hurt. Because there were no taxies we started to the walk to our hotel, which was 20 miles away from the airport (another little thing that my traveling agent forgot to tell me). When we had walked about 5 miles the weather turned real bad: wind started to blow about 25 m/s and there was so much rain that we didn’t saw the road anymore. And of course we got completely lost. So there we were dripping wet at a foreign country and with no idea what to do.

Fortunately we saw a big farm where people were real nice to us and helped us to go back to the airport – we didn’t wont to go to that resort anymore, because we were quite afraid of even thinking about what would that be alike. So we traveled back with a real plane, which was piloted by a real pilot this time and everything was ok.

When I went to see my traveling agent to give him a piece of my mind, his secretary told me that he is in the 5 star hotel at the Bahamas enjoying his vacation. So now there are two things, which I don’t do: I don’t use traveling agents and I don’t go to the Mexico anymore.

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