A new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel

Что означает A new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel и что это такое? В разделе Иностранный язык дан подробный ответ и объяснение на вопрос.

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A new pistol from which it is possible to shoot in literal sense “from behind a corner” will appear soon in the arms of the British special troops.

It is expected that the first the new weapon will be received by commandoes in Iraq. It will be irreplaceable at carrying out of counterterrorist operations. The systems shooting from behind a corner have appeared in the weapon market only three months ago. And these systems have been invented by retired colonel of one of the Israeli special forces.

Usually the one who shoots itself is a target for the reason that it is on one line of fire with objective. Certainly, at all times anyone of riflemen (shooters) dreamed to see better itself and to remain thus invisible.

And here now this dream, apparently, has come true. It can be a pistol, the automatic device or a rifle, which can shoot “from behind a corner”. The most important - to shoot with their help is possible practically without any danger yourself to get under enemy bullets.

Technically the decision appeared simple, as well as all ingenious. The weapon has been supplied with the precision videocamera attached to a travelling barrel and with a videosight with the monitor on invisible to the opponent part. It is it that allows aiming from behind a corner. Parents of the invention became the Israeli technology and the American investments.

A new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel

Amos Golan, the inventor and the author of the patent: "What you see, - is my patent, which started to be in a great demand up to its official presentation. This invention has doubtless advantage also n the possibility of its establishment on different types of small weapons. Nowwegotmachine-gunpracticallyreadytouse".

The corner of turn of a barrel can be changed depending on a situation. The image on the screen of the LCD-monitor allows attacking to see, remaining unnoticed.

There are some options also - the muffler, system of illumination and laser pointing. The weapon gives an optimum result within the limits of hundred meters at a 9-millimetric cartridge and 200 meters - at calibre of 5,7 millimeters. In a word, the weapon is specially created for anti-terror. Well, however, the price...

“Certainly, I shall not begin to sell the weapon to everyone, - the inventor speaks. The basic customers will become special services, divisions on struggle against terrorism, groups of capture (S.W.A.T.-groups) and so on. Therefore millions copies are not so necessary. As to the price, so depending on a complete set it will be some thousand dollars ".

By what we have seen, and by the interest, to the weapon already shown in the performance, there will not be any lack of interested in this weapon persons.

Сергей Голубев

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